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How to select jewelry that best fits you?

WARNING: This is a long post, but if you reach till the end, it can be a game changer to your jewelry shopping. 

During your shopping, several things you can check to ensure selecting the most proper jewelry piece(s). 

1. Usage purpose 

First, who you buy a jewelry for: yourself, partner, friends or mommy?

  • The answer will orient your feeling and expectation towards a jewelry piece. 
  • If you buy for yourself, you will be more likely to picturize yourself fitting/ wearing it first. 
  • If you buy as a gift, you will be more likely to care about quality and look/feel of items. 

Next, how do you expect to use it: daily wear special occasions or multi occasions wear?

  • Daily wear:  favour more items that are light and comfy to wear all day
  • Special occasions: have a look at ones with more sophisticated designs or made from high quality materials (silver or gold plated silver)
  • Multi occasions wear: let's pick the ones that easily fits with # outfits. Statement pieces or bold designed ones are highly recommended. Also, they need to be comfy so do not disturb any of your moment. 

2. Budget

Define your budget. How much you are willing to pay for jewelry to fit your usage purpose.

3. Your style

Which style are you following?

  • a young and modern look
  • a trendy appearance
  • ferminine image
  • sporty style
  • classic one
  • ...

Your style will define the jewelry style that you would like to own. 

If you are looking for trend pieces, we have a post about jewelry trend in 2022. 

    4. Characteristics of jewelry

    4.1 Color

    Gold or Silver? It is a very common question to all shoppers. Some tips below help to deal with this:

    1. Follow "colour theory". Yet, this does not work 100% for jewelry. Cuz, you can look amazing in both gold and silver while some others look obviously better in one than the other.

    2. Go with your personality & general vibe. You have a very warm presence and personality, so gold has this warm glow that compliments this aspect of you. If you appear more cold & distant, the sharpness of silver will enhance it.

    3. Listen to your mood. Pick the one that you feel good on a day.

    4.2 Material

    Normally, if you buy it for yourself and for daily wear/ multi occasions wear, feel free to test and try. Dont limit yourself.

    In the case of gifting, you can give a try to fine jewelry: ones made in silver or gold or gold plated silver. As long as you are happy or know the style of receivers, feel free to take a look at all common materials. 

    To understand more about # materials: advantages and disadvantages, you can read it here

    4.3 Weight

    Weight is one very important feature to bring comfy to users, especially earrings.

    For earrings:

    • We highly recommend to select ones with weight < 10g. This is to make sure your earrs will not suffer a high downward pressure for all day. 

    For bracelets and necklaces:

    • The weight is more flexible than earrings. You can go with something with higher weight, but should not more than 20g

    4.4 Size

    If a necklace:

    • Short : < 40 cm
    • Medium: 40 - 55 cm
    • Long: > 55 cm
    • Normally: short and medium are often preferred in many occasions and easy to fit with # outfits
    • Recommend to pick ones that have adjustable size

    If a bracelet:

    • Average size of a bracelet: 16 - 19 cm
    • This depends on wrists size of each person to make a perfect fit
    • Recommend to pick ones that have adjustable size 

    If a pair of earrings:

    • Length <3 cm: earrings have little/ no moments
    • Length > 3 cm: earrings are more flexible with movements
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