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How to Wear Bracelets with Your winter Sweater

Winter season means it is the time for big cozy sweaters. They are often fluffy and oversized that can make our accessories disappear while the improper shape of bracelets might ruin sweaters' fabric. So here are some tips to mix & match bracelets with your winter outfits to avoid such situations. 

1. Pick the correct bracelets

There are two things you might consider as selecting bracelets for your sweaters. 

  • Opened endings of bracelets as in the right picture can hook to sweaters and so ruin the fabrics. This is especially easy to happen with crochet sweaters. So if possible, a closed bracelet might be safer in your winter outfit.  
  • Sharp/Spiked corners/ charms can also hook to your sweaters, especially the fluffy oversized ones.

So to 100% keep your sweaters, you might consider closed bracelets with more or less rounded charms. 

2. Stack bracelets

Similarly to layering your clothes, you layer your bracelets. Dont depending on the rule: less is more. Stack them all!

Stacking bracelets

A tip is you can stack in odd numbers and use different sizes, shapes and styles to pair them. Just be careful that you dont snag your sweater on the clasps.  

3. Bracelets over your sleeve

Putting your bracelet over a sweater sleeve instantly add you a bold look effortlessly. Tip: a solid statement piece of jewelry can be worn over any sleeve.

4. Push your sleeve up little bit

When your oversized sweaters runs past your wrists, let's push them up little bit to show off your beautiful jewelry. Be sure to choose a bracelet that is strong and smooth enough so it wont get tangled up or torn by sleeves moving up & down. 

"Remember whatever the tips are, the most important thing is you feel happy when wearing bracelets!"

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