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Jewelry trend to expect in 2022

Trends are dynamic and evolved each year. So what should we expect to see in fashion jewelry 2022? We have anticipated some upcoming trends.

Let's check these jewelry trends to look forward.  

1. Statement makers

Gold flat chains still keep its popularity this year. Especially when they are combined with a statement pendant like a gem stone. Color does not need to be gold, but any yellow metal color is expected to be rise any where. 

So, go ahead & wear a curb chain necklace with your minimalistic pieces or solo for a bold look. 

2. Layering and stacking

Layering and stacking your necklaces/ bracelets are about to continue in this year. This is what Chi mai, Fouder & Creative Director of S-kin Studio expected with ELLE. "We've been seeing a lot of bold, multiple chains on the neck paired with a dainty ear stack. We see this combo continuing in 2022" 

Butterfly Charm Necklace

3. Dangle earrings

Wearing a pair of sparkling dangle/ drop earrings lights up your face. They will make your skin and smile glow. More important, they can be used in many occasions instead of just special ones. For instant, let's wear them with a big cozy sweater to beat winter blues. 

Gold plated silver dangle drop earrings - Dice Designs

4. Bold hoop earrings

Enamel hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are never outdated. They can always make our look bold instantly. 2022 is an expected year for them to become bigger and statement ones. Square, furry and chunky are planned to replace long thin rings this year. 

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